Great service! Absolutely delicious. I’m glad Durham has such an awesome Mexican restaurant. I love that you can watch them cook as after you order! Such a wide variety of Mexican food! – Amanda Rosa Ocampo

Excelente comida y un buen servicio. РOcampo Jos̩

Ahora q pruebe los menus dare mi opinion felicidades por tus logros. – Margarita Ocampo

Ahora q pruebe los menus dare mi opinion felicidades por tus logros. – Margarita Ocampo

From the Mexican restaurants I’ve been to, this one is one of the best! They don’t just serve the traditional foods we are accustomed to such as burritos and tacos. Their plates and specials are authentic, just like what homemade food is supposed to taste like! Healthy, generous and tasty.
This is a new establishment so they are still getting used to it, but the service has always been great and warm. The prices were reasonable and I always tip higher because the food is just great!
Thanks for the food, Don Marcelo’s – Elder Y.

Hole’ mole’!

Let’s face it, in NC we have some of the best Mexican food in the US. The only difference at Don Marcelos is the variety! They have the classics such as tacos, enchiladas & burritos, but a variety of preparations sauces, & fillings. The plates served are just as beautiful as they are delicious. The mole’ is amazing! Slightly sweet and good on everything, including the salad, beans & rice that came with my lunch! I loved that the plate came with a salad, and not the typical iceberg watery mess, but a spring mix with mango dressing on the side…yes, I was alternating b/w the mole’ & mango dressing on the salad. ;)
If your vegetarian(I’m not, but respect those who are), but don’t want just onions & peppers as your “protein” I would recommend the cheese enchiladas. They use a mixture of queso blanco & cotija for a perfect balance.
For those complaining about the price, I have to disagree. They are using quality ingredients, not too mention cooking to order using what I can only imagine as being family recipes. If you are looking for a $1 menu, go to McDonalds, but don’t be upset when they flop that greasy junk on styrofoam & shove it out the window to you. FYI, you can’t eat on or near Duke campus for less than $10. Nosh’s $5 coffees are a prime example! I only paid $12, drink included, and it was more food than I can eat at once.
Finally, I truly appreciate the use of REAL plates, cups & cutlery for diners eating in. No wasteful and unappetizing styrofoam or plastic. The restaurant was clean & inviting inside and also had seating outside. This is my new go-to spot. – Brandy W.